Obviously, a key part of planning a wedding is figuring out the logistics of how you’ll actually get married. Along with the flowers and the food and the fun, you also have to navigate finding and choosing a wedding officiant. And while I love Kansas City, there’s an added layer of complexity when you’re getting […]

Wedding Officiants: Who Can Marry You in Kansas City?

outdoor wedding reception or welcome party

Real talk: COVID threw a wrench in wedding trends for way too long. Everyone who got engaged in 2019 had to push their weddings to 2021, and there weren’t many new weddings with fresh ideas happening for a couple of years. Now, heading into 2023, we finally have some new trends to pull inspiration from! […]

2023 Wedding Trends I Love (+ 3 I’m Already Over)

Wedding DIY projects can be a fun way to have a craft night with your best friends and can occasionally even save you money. However, they can also make you want to pull your hair out and end up costing way more than you anticipated in time, money, and stress. Because of that, “should” really […]

What You Should DIY for Your Wedding (& What You Shouldn’t)

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Choosing How to Calculate Your Wedding Budget There are two ways you can start to calculate a wedding budget. You can either start by looking at your finances right of the bat or by looking at how much the event you want will cost. In full transparency, starting with your finances will likely lead to […]

How to Calculate Your Wedding Budget

The night before your wedding should really be pretty relaxed! Here are a few things to take care of to make sure you spend your wedding day hydrated, (relatively) relaxed, and glowing!

What to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t skip all western wedding traditions (or any of them). BUT I’m a huge advocate for doing what you want at your wedding and understanding the origins and more modern connotations of wedding traditions instead of following them without question.

Wedding Traditions (& Why You Should Skip Them)

If you’re planning a Kansas City wedding, look no further than the top tips from a Kansas City wedding planner! Learn about the right time of year to have a Kansas City wedding, booking Kansas City wedding vendors early (and making sure they’re professionals), and not pleasing everyone!

A Wedding Planner’s Top Tips on Planning a Kansas City Wedding

“I don’t need a wedding planner because our venue includes a coordinator” is a sentence that will make any wedding planner’s eye twitch. We LOVE venue coordinators. They are absolutely essential to making sure that an event runs smoothly. But so. are. planners. (or wedding coordinators or wedding managers; whatever you actually end up hiring)

Venue Coordinators and Wedding Coordinators: What’s the Difference?

Meeting with potential wedding photographers is probably going to be one of the first steps you take to start planning your wedding. To make the most of your consultations, I recommend going in with a handful of questions to make sure you feel comfortable trusting them with your wedding photos while also assessing their personality to make sure you click!

Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer

Wedding coordinator (not venue coordinator) places candle on a head table

This blog isn’t intended to sell you on why planners are so wonderful- it’s simply to help you find a wonderful planner of your own! Typing “Kansas City Wedding Planner” into Google is going to yield a ton of results (like 10 million at the time of me writing this…), so how are you supposed to choose one? Keep reading to learn exactly how!

Choosing Your Wedding Planner