let's get you married.

Wedding planning and management to get you from newly engaged to your grand exit

and cannot wait to get married and celebrate with your friends and family. You know you want some help to make it all happen (from someone other than your mom or your busy best friends), but you aren’t entirely sure where to start. Look no further! Here at Philosofi Celebrations, we’re here to help you go from newly engaged to your grand exit.

You and your partner have just gotten engaged...

You're newly engaged and super eager to marry your best friend! Except that means you actually have to plan this whole wedding, which isn’t really your jam. You work full time and would much rather spend those non-working hours playing with your pups, hanging out with your loved ones, or organizing a community clothing drive than wedding planning. Let us take care of all the dirty details, from finding venues to tour, to translating your vision into a design, all the way to getting you and your boo down the aisle and through the end of the night.

full-service planning

As much as you love weddings, you’re a little bit overwhelmed by the idea of trying to plan one from start to finish. You probably feel pretty confident about some aspects, but you definitely need someone to guide you through the process and some of the tougher aspects of planning a wedding. With partial planning, we have the flexibility to figure out exactly what you need the most help with and customize your service offer. Plus, once the planning is over, we handle those final logistical tasks and take care of the execution of your wedding.

partial planning

You are a planner at heart with the time to do it all! After all of your work planning an incredible day for you and your guests, you want to take a step back and soak up the memories with your loved ones. Your mom and best friends are amazing, but you want them sipping mimosas in the morning and joining you on the dance floor in the evening, not taking care of vendors and making sure dinner gets served on time. Allow us to take care of the execution of your wedding, including all the messy logistics in the weeks prior, so that you and your loved ones can relax and enjoy!

wedding management


“We had the luck of having Sofi as our coordinator for our June 2022 wedding. Our wedding was perfectly amazing because of her. She was easy to communicate with throughout the planning process and really took our wishes to heart. It’s difficult to leave the details to someone else day of, but we could not have been in better hands. Walking into our venue for the reception was overwhelming in the best way. Everything was exactly how I pictured thanks to Sofi’s coordination of our incredible vendors. I would absolutely recommend Sofi and her team to anyone! We are so thankful that she was with us every step of the way.”

- Annie, past bride

It’s your wedding day! While you, your boo, and your loved ones are dining and dancing, we’re behind the scenes setting up, leading the vendor team, and making sure the whole day runs according to plan.



This is where the magic happens, though it looks different depending on which service you book. For Full-Service couples, I’m with you every step of the way, beginning with choosing a venue and nailing down a date. For Wedding Management couples, I’ll touch base with you throughout the planning process, but the bulk of our work together happens in the final weeks leading up to your wedding day.



Woohoo! Once you’ve signed a contract and paid the retainer, you’re officially a Philosofi couple! All services start with a kickoff call, where we go over all of your wedding details so far, get you acquainted with your planning portal, and make sure your to-do list is ready to go.



After you reach out, we’ll hop on a phone call to talk all about your wedding. I want to learn all about you, your boo, your plans so far, and what makes you most excited (and most nervous) about your big day. You get to ask me all the questions you have and see if I’m a good fit for you. If we vibe, I’ll send over a contract and invoice!



the process

Hi! I’m Sofi Melvin (she/her), and I’m the Lead Planner here at Philosofi Celebrations. On this planning journey, you’ll discover a few things about me:
  • I’m a big advocate for self-care. Wedding planning can be stressful, so don’t be shocked when I’m checking in on you about your well being instead of just your to-do list.
  • I don’t believe in sticking to tradition just because. I want your wedding to be a reflection of the two of you and your love story, tradition or not.
  • I’m a team player! When working with your vendors, collaboration and mutual respect is huge for me. From crafting the timeline to getting everyone broken down and out of the venue at the end of the night, I work alongside your vendors rather than just directing them.

Meet the planner


frequently asked questions

Do you offer Day-of Coordination or Month-of Coordination? +

We do not offer Day-of Coordination or Month-of Coordination because we offer so much more in the form of Wedding Management. Wondering why we don’t offer Day-of or Month-of Coordination? Check out our blog!

What’s the difference between you and a Venue Coordinator? +

Ultimately, a Venue Coordinator’s priority is to take care of the venue itself. My priority is to take care of you and your friends and family. See more details about the differences and how we work together here.

Do I really need to book a consult call? +

Consult calls are super important to me! During this quick 20 minute chat, I get a feel for who you are, where your priorities lie, and how I can best serve you. You get to understand more about how I work and if I’m the planner for you. Consider this a vibe check.

What’s included with your services? +

All of our services include a kickass wedding planner leading your vendor team, day-of coverage from myself and an assistant, access to an amazing online planning portal, and assurance that someone will be taking care of you and your loved ones throughout the process.

are you lgbtq+ friendly? +

Hell to the yes. Inclusivity is a core value here at Philosofi Celebrations, and we actively welcome, support, and affirm LGBTQ+ couples (and BIPOC couples and disabled couples and fat couples and couples of all faiths or lack thereof. You get the picture. We really just love love).

What goes into your pricing? +

My pricing is reflective of the education, experience, time, and talent that I and my team put into each and every wedding. Starting prices are typical rates but allow for customization of packages as needed.

so are we gonna do this thing, or what?!