Hey, I’m Sofi Melvin (she/her)! I was always the “birthday” kid growing up. You know, the kid who is WAY too excited about her own birthday and asks you a million questions about what you’re doing for yours. My brother still makes fun of me for telling my friends the plan for my 11th birthday party as they were leaving my 10th birthday party. I always chalked it up to being kinda vain, but turns out I just love a good party!

Fast forward about a dozen years when I decided to take that passion for a cohesive theme and good plan and channel it into a career- wedding planning! I dove headfirst into every course, mastermind, and podcast I could find about weddings and event planning all while finishing up my full-time job, moving to a new state, and planning my own wedding.


a little bit about

kansas city wedding planner

  • Brand new momma to our sweet baby E!
  • Curly headed gal who never stops laughing, which is quite the pairing if you’re trying to blend in with a crowd
  • Lover of paper planners, erasable pens, and Google Calendar
  • Married to the greatest guy out there
  • Former student ambassador and orientation leader. ‘Sko Bears!
  • Fur momma to Lily and Lola (and apparently still Hannah Montana obsessed)

Who am I aside from a kickass wedding planner?

We love it when couples step outside of the box! The sentence “I have an idea, but I don’t know if it’s weird” is a common phrase at our office.

a couple of quirks


Our nearlyweds have amazing love stories, and they share them through the details of their wedding day.

true love


Philosofi weddings are FUN. Our couples want their guests to have fun, party, and dance the night away.

a focus on fun


Our couples are givers- to animals, kiddos, and their communities at large (s/o to our teacher, nurse, and social worker clients!)

Big hearts


what makes a philosofi couple