Congratulations on your engagement! You said "yes" and now it's time for the fun part: planning a wedding that is a true reflection of you and your love story. At Philosofi Celebrations, we're firm believers that your wedding isn't just another event- it's the celebratory kickoff to your next chapter together. With us by your side, you can focus on soaking up every joyful moment and leave the never-ending logistical details to our kickass team of Kansas City wedding planners. From wedding management (here's why we don't call it day-of-coordination) to full-service planning, we've got you covered every step of the way.

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“I cannot even fathom what our wedding would've been like without her. Every detail was carefully curated. She stuck to our budget and honestly made everything so enjoyable with her bubbly, fun, and kind personality. She felt like a close friend throughout the course of the year that we planned our wedding, and then the day of the wedding came and she was all business (I mean that in the most respectful and awe-inspiring way). Her and her team could not have made the day easier or more stress-free for us. She was on top of everything and her attention never wavered from doing everything she could to make it the best day ever for us... Our special day just would not have been the same without Sofi's calm demeanor, attention to detail, and unique eye for design.”

- Maddie, past bride

“Her and the team could not have made the day easier or more stress-free for us!”

not your average wedding.
not your average wedding planner.

Hi! I’m Sofi- the owner and lead planner here at Philosofi Celebrations.
I help big-hearted couples plan purposeful weddings through love, wisdom, and personal & intentional details.

Most days you can find me at my computer, working on timelines and design boards or emailing vendors and clients.

When I’m not busy planning weddings for Kansas City couples, you can find me listening to podcasts, feeding my sourdough starter, learning something new, or going on a walk with my little family.

People often refer to me as driven, cheerful, organized, and welcoming. I also get called “weird” a lot by my husband, but I think he’s just boring. 

"Sofi was worth it in every way. She's incredibly responsive, knowledgeable about executing a wedding in KC, and had referrals for (all) vendors we inquired about. She not only accepts same-sex couples as clients but projects a deep, personal commitment to the belief that our love is worth celebrating. Most importantly, she is an incredibly warm, calming presence during what can be a very stressful period. I could tell she genuinely cared and wanted the best possible wedding for me and my partner. We are so thankful we found Sofi and would recommend her without hesitation."

- Will, groom

“I could tell she genuinely cared”

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“Sofi did so much, she was in constant communication with vendors, flipped the ceremony space into a reception space, checked in on us throughout the day to see if we needed anything, and so much more! We cannot thank her enough for everything she did. Our wedding day was flawless because of her! I highly recommend Sofi to anyone looking for a kind and professional wedding planner or coordinator!”

- Megan, bride

“I highly recommend Sofi to anyone looking for a kind and professional wedding planner”