comedy cocktail hour as a wedding event

Your guests are literally going the extra mile to be a part of your wedding day, so why not make their entire weekend a memorable experience? We all know that your wedding day is the main event, but what about the other festivities surrounding it? How many wedding events should you actually plan to keep […]

Wedding Weekend Events: What’s Necessary and What’s Extra?

sustainable seed paper wedding invitations

Happy Earth Day, and welcome to our blog on how to have a sustainable wedding in Kansas City! Weddings are fun, magical occasions, but they can also have a significant impact on the environment. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you plan a sustainable wedding that aligns with your […]

How to Have a Sustainable Wedding in Kansas City

La Villa KC getting ready suite

You’re riding high on cloud nine, soaking in the glow of your recent engagement, and gearing up for the wild ride of wedding planning! But wait, before you dive headfirst into the whirlwind of trying to choose a wedding venue, let’s hit pause for just a moment. Grab your partner, gather your family and friends, […]

How to Choose a Wedding Venue | Narrowing Down Kansas City Wedding Venues

Maddie & Brodie’s December wedding at La Villa KC was romantic, moody, beautiful, and so so them. I will spare you the long story about how much of an impact this couple and their family had on me, but I do want to share more about who they are. They are genuine and love music […]

Gothic Appalachian Wedding at La Villa KC | Maddie & Brodie

I’m so excited to share the details on on Taisha and Cordell’s PARTY of a wedding at White Iron Ridge. Grab your coffee or whatever floats your boat, and let’s dive into the cozy vibes, romantic feels, and some unexpected twists. A Christmas Proposal Despite some last-minute COVID scares from friends and family, CJ and […]

White Iron Ridge Wedding | Taisha & CJ

Alana and Josh had the most relaxed and nontraditional wedding at The Yellow Rock Barn at Messner Bee Farm in Kansas City. It was a rainy October day, but hey, rain on your wedding day is good luck, right? Alana and Josh embraced it with open arms. The barn provided the perfect backdrop for their […]

Western Boho Wedding at Messner Bee Farm | Alana & Josh

Ben & Regan’s Hotel Kansas City wedding was one of sincerity, laid-back style, and pure joy. This venue is one of my favorites as a wedding planner, so I’m excited to share details of this beautiful October day! Their story unfolded organically, rooted in the purchase of a home that became the canvas for their […]

Elegant & Sentimental Hotel Kansas City Wedding | Ben & Regan

Planning a wedding is a complex journey that often requires more time and effort than you might expect. That’s where a wedding planner comes in handy. Your wedding planner acts as your guide, making sure your vision becomes a reality by simplifying the process and helping you navigate countless choices and decisions. Asking a potential […]

7 Questions to Ask a Wedding Planner

I am beyond excited to share all the details of Will and Michael’s art deco, industrial wedding at the famous Tom’s Town Distillery right here in our vibrant Kansas City! Right off the bat, I knew this wedding was going to be something special. When I asked Will and Michael to describe their ideal wedding […]

Industrial Kansas City Wedding at Tom’s Town Distillery | Will & Michael

If you’re reading this, I’m betting you just got (or are expecting) a very special new piece of jewelry. Probably one that typically requires you to plan a wedding. Once you announce to your friends and family, get ready for the inevitable interrogation. Their number one question will be “So when’s the big day?”🎉 In […]

How Long Does It Take to Plan a Wedding in Kansas City?